Hot Forging Lubricants

ST FORGESTAR range of Hot Forging Lubricants based on latest technology of Solid Lubrication. Forging is process of shaping the metal at higher temperature, at this temperature where all Lubricating oils cease to work, the technology of Solid Lubrication works. Solid Lubricants include Graphite, Mos2 etc. The selction of other supporting ingredients enables these solid Lubricants work in proper manner.
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Hot Forging Lubricants

Product Description:

We are obliged in offering our industrial patrons this exclusive as well as comprehensive type of Hot Forging Lubricants version, which has been formulated as per the predefined standards. This product is basically water based hot forging die lubricant with composition of microsized graphite. Some of its features and benefits are mentioned below:


Features & Benefits:

  • Contains Superior Quality Microsized Graphite
  • Excellent Release & Lubrication Properties
  • Higher Dilution Ratios
  • Lowest Per Tonnage Lubrication Cost
  • Die Life Improvement

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ST-FORGESTAR-G
  • Packaging Details: 30 Ltr & 210 Ltr
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Hot Forging Fluids

Product Description:

The offered range of Hot Forging Fluids has been fabricated as per the predefined parameters and norms. We are a coveted firm engaged in the manufacturing of these lubricants. This basic application of this oil is for shallow cavity in hammer and press forging operations, and also in experienced application for demonstration along with spraying equipments. This type doesn't contain graphite and is water based. A list of its features and benefits has been listed below:

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains superior quality polymer
  • Excellent release & lubrication properties
  • No settling down particles
  • Higher dilution ratios
  • Lowest per tonnage lubrication cost
  • Die life improvement

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ST-FORGESTAR-E
  • Packaging Details: 30 Ltrs & 210 Ltrs
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Graphite Oil For Hot Forgings

Product Description:


ST FORGE STAR GO is vegetable oil with graphite based hot forging die lubricant. It can be used by spraying or manual application. ST FORGE STAR GO is very useful in deep cavity dies and heavy forgings. It contains super milled fine particles of graphite, which provides excellent lubricity at elevated temperature up to 650 0 C. Its special formulation gives good adhesion to the surface of dies enabling metal flow in better way, thus giving good ejection properties along with improved die life. It is always recommended where heavy extrusion is involved.


Ø Oil based Lubricant

Ø High Quality Ultra-Thin Unique Sized Graphite

Ø Excellent Binding Properties

Ø Excellent Lubrication & Release Properties

Ø Improved Metal Flow Improved Surface Finish

Ø Improved Die Life

Ø Lower Per Tonnage Lubrication Cost

Ø Effective For Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ST-FORGESTAR-GO
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